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About Prime Kosher

About us


is modernize how people buy kosher products.

We do this By connecting between Local business owners with consumers.

prime kosher equips Merchants and business owners with an easy-to-use platform of marketing, e-commerce, and service tools, paving the way for smooth online ordering and delivery right to your door

Our Mission


"We're here to change how you shop"

The merchants we choose Provide you with the quality products, and devoted to savings we're re-inventing the world of online kosher products. We keep it simple: meticulously committed to providing you with a shopping experience that never compromises quality or value. You get both every time. It's uncomplicated, it's generous, and it's our honest promise.

Saving Has Never Been Easier


It isn’t uncommon to find an item you love, but you may not love the price.

At PRIME KOSHER WHOLESALE, you get quality and savings on every product listed in our diverse catalog.

That means your favorite things at unbelievably low pricing. You won’t get one without the other.

Same-day Delivery


Order by 2:00 PM to get your order today

We are currently only able to provide this service to select ZIP codes

Here for Our Customers

Your voice lets us know where to start. We do whatever it takes to get to know you better:






overall trend analysis

When you let us know what you like, we can build more of what you want, and none of what you don’t

About us
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